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What is the GFCC
Competitiveness Decoder™?

The Competitiveness Decoder™ is a first of-its-kind, data-based tool developed to visualize the key drivers of national competitiveness: the long-term growth of living standards through improvements in productivity.

Discover the Competitiveness Decoder™


  • Data

    Explore data

    Explore raw data and visually identify trends. The competitiveness metrics dataset includes 131 metrics related to national competitiveness, organized in 8 dimensions. It covers 101 countries over 35 years.

  • World

    Explore world

    Use graphical tools to understand how countries perform in relation to others. You can directly see competitiveness metrics data, visually identify trends and graphically understand how countries perform in relation to others in each metric, at any given period of time.

  • Trade

    Explore market

    Graphically explore global market performance for different industries and product categories. Ultimately, competitiveness is related to market share. Keeping that in mind, we used UN Comtrade data to create a comprehensive dataset on international commerce. You can explore it with visualization tools and understand which countries are the most competitive players in different global markets.


Competitiveness is a dynamic and relative process. The Competitiveness Decoder™ helps you to understand what drives competitiveness, how countries evolve over time in any metric and/or in their performances in the global market.

  • Timeview

    Dynamically see how countries are improving over time in relation to others, in any of the 131 metrics.

  • Fast Movers

    Identify which countries are making the most progress for any given metric and time period.

  • Trade Growth

    Identify the countries that are actively gaining market share in the global commerce arena.

  • Drivers

    Design your own regression and see what drives economic growth, employment, productivity, foreign direct investment and gross fixed capital formation.

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Competitiveness is a relative game; therefore having the capacity to make eloquent comparisons is important for policy makers, investors, analysts, business leaders. The Competitiveness Decoder™ allows users to identify peer countries, make meaningful comparisons, analyze data, and to understand performance gaps and competitive challenges faced by more than 100 countries.
  • Clusters

    Compare cluster

    Define clusters of competitiveness and identify countries that share common characteristics. Clusters divide countries in groups that share similar features in order to make fair comparisons and identify strategies.

  • Rank

    Compare rank

    Set strategic priorities and see how countries are positioned in relation to others.

  • Gap Analysis

    Compare gap

    Understand the relative size of competitiveness gaps for more than 100 countries and estimate how long it will take countries to catch up with leading performers.


Moving up the competitiveness ladder depends on learning, mastering new concepts and understanding what could be done to improve the reality.
  • Gfcc Best Practices


    Discover what GFCC members are doing to improve competitiveness in their countries.

  • Competitiveness practices

    Learn crawler

    Check 40,000+ reports and white papers from international organizations to grasp what’s being done around the globe to improve performance in the eight dimensions covered in the Competitiveness Decoder™.

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